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Follow You Down

ISBN-13: 978-1-64396-084-5

Meg, a small-town deputy writing tickets where she used to raise hell, and Russ, a teenager at odds with his rural criminal family, search for a missing local girl. Backwoods drug dealers, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and even the local sheriffs don't seem to want her found. Can Meg and Russ survive long enough to learn the truth?

Birch Hills at World's End

ISBN: 978-0-9819198-6-7

Birch Hills at World’s End begins between Detroit and nowhere, in 1999, when high school senior Josh Reilly senses an apocalypse approaching. Josh's unease increases as his privileged but disturbed friend Erik schemes in a journal he calls "The Doomsday Book," where some suspect he plots a horrifying crime against their school.


A web of domestic strife, romantic rivalry, and millennial anxiety challenges two boys to stand together as their youth comes apart.

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