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A missing shipment of drugs, an underground ring of camgirls, and the Knights of Satan motorcycle club are all caught in a tangle of deals gone bad with one thing in common: Bree Wells, a small-town teenager who recently vanished into the summer night.


When Deputy Meg Shaw finds a connection between the missing girl and a murdered backwoods drug dealer, she fears the worst. As she follows Bree’s trail, she enters a web of exploitation and violence in a place where everyone has something to hide.


Bree's heartbroken boyfriend, Russ McCreech, is desperate to be the first to find her. The youngest, gentle son of an outlaw biker family, he won’t quit the search despite their ominous warnings. Soon, he discovers how dangerous it can be to ask the right questions of the wrong people.


Meg and Russ come from different sides of town and different sides of the law. Their search for the same truth will make them either the greatest of allies or the worst of enemies . . . if they live long enough to find it.

"If James Crumley got lost and ended up in the ramshackle backwaters of rural Michigan he might have written a book like Follow You Down. Deputy Meg Shaw, navigating tattoo parlors, strip bars, and biker clubs in search of a missing teenage girl, is one of the most believable and compelling investigators I've read in contemporary crime fiction. Follow You Down is at turns funny and horrifying, and Hyatt's prose is taut as piano wire, run through with an amphetamine hum that refuses to stop, even long after the book is finished."

Augustus Rose, author of The Readymade Thief


"Follow You Down is everything a crime novel should be--it's grounded, it's full of well-earned surprises, and it's tough enough that it doesn't need to read like a fantasy. More than that, it's a story of well-drawn, carefully observed human behavior, lending real weight to the idea that average people can end up as participants in horrific crimes. Like the town of Pike Lake in which it's set, Follow You Down has an edge that cuts deep. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

David Peak, author of Corpsepaint

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